Visual interpretation of Iain McGilchrist’s ‘The Master and His Emissary’

STRUCTURE ARCHEOLOGY EQUIPPED CONSCIOUSNESS After taking keywords from McGilchrist's text; I searched for images to represent these words. I then saved the images as jpgs, and converted the coding of each one into text; I added in the applicable paragraph from McGilchrist's text into the code and then changed the coding back to an image format. These were the… Continue reading Visual interpretation of Iain McGilchrist’s ‘The Master and His Emissary’

After a Fashion – Dene October

ʺNothing beats leafing through the pages of the latest thriller – especially when it's a posh clothing catalogue.ʺ - Lauren Laverne To encourage loyalty, department stores such as 'Kay's' introduced fashion catalogues; this too enhanced patterns in consumption, aimed particularly amongst women. The success of these catalogues through the 1920s to 1960s was largely owed to… Continue reading After a Fashion – Dene October

Typography and Communication – John Patrick Hartnett

Typography is something I have never been interested by and something I dread when it comes up as a topic; probably not an ideal line of thinking if I'm going to be a graphic designer, but forcing myself into the lecture made me a lot less sceptical of the subject. Prior to John Patrick Hartnett's lecture, I… Continue reading Typography and Communication – John Patrick Hartnett

Holding Text: (Un)Creative Writing in the Digital Age – Andrea Mason

Prior to Andrea Mason's lecture today, we were asked to read an article from The New Yorker by Kennth Goldsmith, titled 'Why I Am Teaching a Course Called “Wasting Time on the Internet”'. This argued against the criticisms of people, students in particular, being distracted by the internet, and suggests that this 'distraction' is still… Continue reading Holding Text: (Un)Creative Writing in the Digital Age – Andrea Mason

Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places, Greta Hauer

"Disneyland is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real, when in fact all of Los Angeles and the America surrounding it are no longer real, but of the order of the hyper-real and of simulation." - Jean Baudrillard It was after this quote came up in the slideshow of… Continue reading Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places, Greta Hauer

POSE! ‘That’s Not Me’ – Mark Ingham

"It's just a photograph" This was my argument when suggesting to our lecturer today, Mark Ingham, that some of Roland Barthes theories on photography were 'wishy washy'. Barthes talks about 'photographs being invisible' and 'the subject experiencing death when the photo is captured', both I can understand, and I follow where he is coming from, but… Continue reading POSE! ‘That’s Not Me’ – Mark Ingham

Another ‘I remember’

Today's lecture was, to me at least, the most engaging in terms of theories discussed. I followed the ideas proposed by our lecturer, Mark Ingham, with interest, despite me not agreeing with all of the 'wishy washy' concepts offered by Roland Barthes in 'Camera Lucida' (of which we were asked to read 13 pages of, prior to the lecture). After the… Continue reading Another ‘I remember’

Line and Memory – Harriet Edwards

We started this lecture looking at the cave paintings of Chauvet in France and El Castillo in Spain, as well as some abstract cave paintings from South Africa. We discussed the possible meanings of the paintings across the different caves and how what some may interpret as art, others will interpret as communication. For example,… Continue reading Line and Memory – Harriet Edwards