Eddie Opara. From atoms to bits… and back again.

In the second of this term’s Design School Lecture Series, Pentagram’s Eddie Opara came to discuss the role between design and modern technology, meanwhile demonstrating his impressive design background. “The problem graphic design has, is… Continue reading

CS Presents – Agency 2020

“Agencies are fighting the last Advertising war” – Brian Cooper Down the red staircase to 146 Brick Lane’s studio basement, a periscope looking to the future of advertising agencies was presented to an… Continue reading


Britain’s largest sculpture, The ArcelorMittal Orbit stands 114.5m tall over the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. At the top of the distinctive red steel structure, reminiscent of a warped Helter Skelter, a… Continue reading

Brands, Advertising and Commodity Fetishism

Are brands and commodities ‘a way of being’? This lecture encouraged us to question if brands and commodities define us, or if we use them to design ourselves. Karl Marx’s theory of ‘Commodity… Continue reading

Department Stores

In the lecture that captivated my interests most, and perhaps discussed topics I would like to research and explore further in my essay, we learnt about the role shops undertake in advancing customer’s purchase… Continue reading

Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

This evocative, yet slightly jumbled, time tunnel offers a fond reminder of the domestic brands, packaging and advertising we grew up with, highlighting the way they have evolved with design trends and how… Continue reading

Branding a country

John O’Reilly’s article for Eye; ‘The floating signifier’, explores what makes a nation’s identity, or a national brand; stating that “the biggest significant difference between a nation’s identity and brand identity is time”… Continue reading

Commodification of Dissent

This lecture discussed consumer capitalism and the rebellious spirit. Making us question why images/language of dissent or rebellion are used in advertising, what it is that is being offered to us, and what we are… Continue reading

Digital Activism

Through the aid of digital advancements and the democratisation of technology, activism and methods of protest have significantly progressed.  Whether this is an advancement on previous methods of protest or not can be… Continue reading

Activist Spaces and the Relationship Between Designers and Social Movements – The Common House

Meeting in Bethnal Green this week for our seminar, rather than at University, we were introduced to the collectively owned space ‘The Common House’. The Common House was rented in 2013, with several… Continue reading