Another ‘I remember’

Today’s lecture was, to me at least, the most engaging in terms of theories discussed. I followed the ideas proposed by our lecturer, Mark Ingham, with interest, despite me not agreeing with all of the ‘wishy washy’ concepts offered by Roland Barthes in ‘Camera Lucida’ (of which we were asked to read 13 pages of, prior to the lecture).

After the lecture, our CTS tutor Andrew asked us to again write a sentence containing what we could remember, without looking at our notes…

Scannable Document 7

“I remember the Victorian portraits where dead children were posed as a form of remembrance and how photography has since developed, in terms of portraiture, with the modern day selfie; as seen in the iconic photo of David Cameron, Barack Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, touched upon in Mark’s lecture.”

This continuous sentence exercise links back to the Line and Memory lecture given by Harriet Edwards last week, which can be read about in previous posts.

A more extensive post shall be put up later reviewing Ingham’s lecture and what I took from it/found most interesting.

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