Pictograms and Ideograms

This afternoon we were looking at pictograms and ideograms and how we can create our own using Adobe Illustrator, on a more professional level. Pictograms are images of nouns; they can be seen in history as far back as prehistoric times, in cave drawings, and they have since evolved into ideograms i.e. a men's toilet sign.  … Continue reading Pictograms and Ideograms

Lil Red in the Hood

On Tuesday we were asked to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood, thinking about who's point of view we tell it from, the audience we aim it at, the purpose of our version and the media we would portray it in. As the original story was from Grimm's Fairy Tales, click here, it was updated… Continue reading Lil Red in the Hood

Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year

Last summer on demand TV I watched the first series of Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of the Year. I was absolutely addicted to it as portraiture is something I have always loved, studied, and appreciated. It has recently come back on TV with a second series which I am a couple of episodes off finishing now. I find it… Continue reading Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year