CS Presents – Agency 2020

"Agencies are fighting the last Advertising war" - Brian Cooper Down the red staircase to 146 Brick Lane’s studio basement, a periscope looking to the future of advertising agencies was presented to an audience of wide eyed young designers. Creative Social selected five creative leaders to share how they are shaping and redefining the agency… Continue reading CS Presents – Agency 2020

The Author – Andrew Slatter

The first lecture in the 10 week series was on the issue of authorship in design. Delivered by our CTS tutor, Andrew Slatter, we were made aware of the relationship between designers and readers, and who the author is/ who the author can be. In preparation for the lecture on Thursday, we were asked to… Continue reading The Author – Andrew Slatter

Grayson Perry: Who Are You?

On Channel 4 recently, artist Grayson Perry tackled identity issues of several diverse individuals as he created bold tapestries, pots and sculptures. His work made from this 3 episode series is featured in the National Portrait Gallery, which earlier in the week I went to visit. The exhibition explores British identity through portraiture very well; Perry cleverly gives the viewer… Continue reading Grayson Perry: Who Are You?

Disobedient Objects at the V&A

After making our way through a maze of nude stone sculptures, we found ourselves at the Disobedient Objects exhibition at the V&A. In this very monumental and ornate museum, this exhibition almost seems ironically placed; 'Disobedient Objects' observes the roles that a range of seemingly ordinary items have had in political protests and social movements. (Very unlike the other displays… Continue reading Disobedient Objects at the V&A