Points of Intervention

Action can be strategically targeted in specific places to intervene with the operation of a system. In order to have the greatest impact on the audience, organisers consciously consider the place of intervention, to open the way for change. A contemporary example of a point of intervention is the 'Space, not Spikes' protest. This group of artists… Continue reading Points of Intervention

Brock Davis – Turnstile

For this research task, we were specifically told not to look at Banksy, which I can understand as by may of those interested in social design, Banksy is considered overrated and is judged for the commercialism of his work. However this commercialism does increase awareness and get his somewhat poignant messages across. It’s important to… Continue reading Brock Davis – Turnstile

Year 2, CTS – Design Activism

Resistance, revolt, revolution and dissent enrich our history and have shaped contemporary society. In the communication of these forms of activism, design has played a key part. The first CTS topic I have chosen for my second year of studying Graphic and Media Design is Design Activism, in which we are exploring how artists and designers within… Continue reading Year 2, CTS – Design Activism