New Project: Eat, Brand, Love.

The brief requires us to research and develop a proposal for a new independent food brand which aims to start a small chain of 3 food shops in London. The brand shall deliver natural and preservative-free fresh food, in addition to offering a unique customer experience.

As a starting point I have laid out initial plans for the brand, in terms of what it will offer its customers. Inclusivity, sustainability, the improvement of health and well being, and the creation of cross-cultural communication are all being considered in these initial start-up plans. As well as ideas for working with ‘FairTrade’ products, charities and Non Governmental Organisations, with the aim of enhancing livelihoods.

My proposal for this brand is a Cuban deli, serving fair trade, natural products, all fresh and preservative free. There will be a selection of Cuban deli dishes at a counter which could be used to make up a meal personal to each customer.

Whilst purchasing their food, customers will be invited to optionally buy a meal for somebody homeless, like a pass a meal on service. A pop-up stall would then open once the shop has closed, and meals would be given out to the homeless. This means that no food is wasted; a concern when dealing with fresh and preservative free produce, whilst also ensuring no financial losses for the business as customers have already paid for these meals to be given out.

Choosing to serve Cuban food came after the idea of customers passing forward a meal to the homeless. I wanted the brand to reflect this idea subtly and therefore researched where the homeless are treated best, and amongst the top results was Cuba. Not only due to its low costs of housing, and free health care but due to its family values. In Cuba people take in all sorts of extended family members, as they don’t want to see them on the streets, and it is this type of ‘family value’  I want to convey in my brand. In addition to this Cuban food is very nutritious, and made with all natural and fresh ingredients, something I shall look further into later in the brief.

Basing the brand on Cuban food allows me to start creating cross-cultural communication both globally, in terms of Cuba itself, but also locally, with London’s Latin America community. The brand can therefore help stop racial discrimination as well as help the homeless.

After considering several different names for the brand I have decided to go with ‘Unomás’, a merge of the words Uno and Mas, meaning ‘one more’ in Spanish. This refers to customers ordering one more, and could be taken in the way that they want more of the food, or that they are buying one more meal, for the homeless.

I have made a short research video, in which I have interviewed examples of people from my two target markets (people interested in healthy deli style food, and the homeless). Buying a bag of food for the homeless woman and her friends and seeing their gratitude whilst I interviewed her, has confirmed to me that the idea for my brand will help people. It has encouraged me to make the plans as realistic as I can, and work on the project to a level that could actually make the brand possible.

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