Pictograms and Ideograms

This afternoon we were looking at pictograms and ideograms and how we can create our own using Adobe Illustrator, on a more professional level. Pictograms are images of nouns; they can be seen in history as far back as prehistoric times, in cave drawings, and they have since evolved into ideograms i.e. a men’s toilet sign.

                Image result for men's wc

Notes from presentation:
-3500bc in Uruk, Cuneiform was designed by accountants
-1700bc in China, oracle bones was designed for divination – bones put onto fire, marks made on bones would make predictions about your life
-Chinese lettering evolved from pictogramatic language; used for communication because they didn’t evolve a complex written language
-Siberian love letter shown in image below, another example of a pictogram

-Pictogramatic language still used now
-Tramps marks – drawn on pavements to give warnings to other tramps as to what they would find in that area, which houses to avoid etc
-No universal way of speaking through pictogramatic language, people can interpret images differently
-Canada have women working signs, shows a stereotypical women 
-Can’t live without it, essential.

After the presentation we were asked to make our own pictogram/ideogram and were shown how to use more advanced tools on Illustrator. This is the one I created, based on the Pulp Fiction film poster.

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