Lil Red in the Hood

Scannable Document-4

On Tuesday we were asked to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood, thinking about who’s point of view we tell it from, the audience we aim it at, the purpose of our version and the media we would portray it in.

As the original story was from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, click hereit was updated to have a moral; for children not to talk to strangers. In our group, we wanted to update the moral of the story to something that is more relevant to children today, more so students. We came up with the idea of creating a drug warning campaign, following the story of LRRH, and wanted to convey the story through photography. We planned for these photos to be used as a series of interactive posters which would be put up around streets, on the underground etc. Our tutor argued that this may not be the best way to get the message across to students, and it would be better as an online advert for social media sites; however we thought that as most drug deals occur on the street, the posters would be better placed, and more relevant there, than on a computer screen when drugs aren’t on people’s minds.

This is the series of photographs we took, (unedited versions):

“On her way she met the Big Bad Wolf”

“Take this basket of goodies”

“My! What big eyes you have!”

“Little Red Riding Hood screamed!”

“Little Red Riding Hood learnt her lesson…”

We did edit these photos to look darker and follow the theme more, however this part was rushed as we spent so long on the photography side. We may go back and edit the photos later and actually make them into interactive posters if we decide to pursue this concept.

Here’s an example of one of our edited photos.

Lil Red 2

Although we learnt new skills and successfully came up with what we set out to achieve, the whole day seemed irrelevant to the three projects we are currently working on, which was frustrating to most of us as we’ve been set enough work to be doing, without exercises like this.

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