Departure Boards – Redesign

For the Crimes Against Design project my team and I are working on, we have made a decision about what in Waterloo station we feel needs redesigning.

After the hundreds of photos we documented, we narrowed it down to 5 examples of what we considered to be pretty bad design, here’s two of those.

Cannot see the ‘of’ in ‘Isle of Flowers’
Above the fridge in WhistleStop, it says ‘Drinks For Now’ but this can barely be read due to it blending into the background too much.

For this project though, we have decided to focus on the departure boards at Waterloo, as we feel there are many problems and areas for improvement with them which we can explore.

_DSC0211 02029260_DSC0167

What we want to improve:
-The people traffic it causes, by all the people standing in front of it trying to read from it/waiting for their platform to come up
-Its actual design: layout of departure times, use of colour, typeface etc
-Its advert space
-The time display on there, not a big enough feature
-The smaller departure board screens around the station; not visible enough and don’t show enough information

What we want to introduce:
-A QR code located all over the station which direct users to an app/website
-An app/website which has the live departure boards on, meaning people don’t have to stand and watch the screen. Will also include warnings and delays, a map of the station etc etc
-A few departure pods located around the station, to replace the small departure board screens. Which will be interactive, with a search function, so you can find your destination/platform/times and it will have a panning/moving display of departure times etc.

Aimed to be inclusive of:
A wider age range of commuters
-Brighter display and a clearer and larger typeface – for older people
-Smartphone/Wireless integration – for younger people/ those up to date with technology

Non English speakers
-Translations on the app and on departure pods

Wheelchair users/other disabilities limiting movement
-App so they don’t need to be in front of the main departure board surrounded by people

What could go wrong:
Lack of internet connection, meaning app won’t update. However the departure board and pods will still be there in that case.

Below is what my team member Elliott and I were working on today
Scannable Document 6

We also came up with a possible name for the app we plan to create: ‘OnTime’, which could also be used as a branding method and be placed on the departure pods etc.
This was a 5 minute concept we thought of and roughly drafted today, making use off the colours of the lines that run from Waterloo (black/northern, grey/jubilee, and brown/bakerloo), and somehow incorporating the Waterloo clock, clock-face. This is a really rough cut and something we will develop later on.

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