Genius Loci – Trafalgar Square at night

I’ve just been to Trafalgar Square to take more photos and videos of it when it’s dark and lit up. This has made me more confident about this location being chosen for my video, as the shots I’ve got look a lot better than the ones I took during the day.

IMG_2839 IMG_2843

Looking back through all my footage I have decided I am particularly going to concentrate on capturing the street performers and their work/music, the movement of the pigeons, and the water fountains. I have had to narrow this down from the long list of things I was looking at before (see previous posts).

The only problem I found today, was because it was dark, there were no pigeons around and only one street performer, meaning I cannot focus my 10-15 second video on them…
I am therefore going to have to compromise, and have my short video concentrate on just the water fountains and then include the pigeons and the street performers in the second and third outcomes we have to produce for this project. (Which I’m thinking will be a series of illustrations, and a 3D installation). Having my video only concentrate on one thing is probably better anyway as it can only be 10-15 seconds long.

For research purposes I have created a Vimeo account, where I have uploaded some of the videos I have taken. These can be watched here:

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