Genius Loci – Location search

As mentioned before in a previous post, one of our studio projects, ‘Genius Loci’, requires us to capture the spirit of a place of our choosing in a 10-15 second video.

The first place that sprung to mind was Trafalgar Square, it’s somewhere I enjoy visiting, primarily for the NG and NPG but the thought of filming the fountains, tourists, pigeons, street performers and looking at the difference there between night and day really appealed to me.

A page from my sketchbook with my initial thoughts about location. 

Today I visited Trafalgar Square to take some photos and quick videos. After doing this, I’m now concerned that the video I produce will be too touristy and predictable. I don’t know if filming somewhere so well known will make the video boring, additionally, it is quite an open space so I’m not sure how great that will look on film compared to somewhere with more of a variety of open and closed spaces.

Here are some of the photos I took today.

IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2763 IMG_2768 IMG_2769 IMG_2777 IMG_2778 IMG_2779 IMG_2784 IMG_2786 IMG_2793 IMG_2799

Whilst walking home, through Southwark, I had the Genius Loci project in mind, and was inspired by all the tunnels and underpasses which I think would also be good to film, especially at night when they are lit up. When it gets darker tonight, I’m going to walk down and take some photos and then compare them to the ones from Trafalgar Square before deciding on my definite location.

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