Genius Loci – Location search (continued)

So I’ve just been to some of the Southwark arches, and now I’m even more undecided about the location for the Genius Loci project.

These are the photos I have just taken.

IMG_2810 IMG_2812 IMG_2814
IMG_2816 IMG_2815IMG_2817  IMG_2820 IMG_2821 IMG_2824 IMG_2825
IMG_2819 IMG_2827
IMG_2826 IMG_2830IMG_2829

This is slightly irrelevant, and isn’t an influence for how I would film my video, but this Pepsi Max advert was filmed in another arch in the area and I’m always reminded of it when walking through the tunnels. Worth a watch!

I think the main reason I like these photos/this area is because it looks cool lit up at night, and I’m not sure I get the same impression during the day.

As I have more ideas and felt more influenced and inspired at Trafalgar Square, I think I am going to stick with there as my location. However I am going to take more photos there when it’s dark and lit up and see if I can capture the same sort of spirit seen in these photos.

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