First week back

This week we have been introduced to the three new projects we will be working on this term.

For our studio sessions we have two projects which have different briefs and outcomes, but are linked by one edited and designed research document; rather than the loose and experimental sketchbooks we are used to using and submitting.

The first of the studio projects is titled ‘Crimes Against Design’, where we will be working in a team to document and criticise the good and bad design of areas in London. Our team was given Waterloo station as our area which is really convenient for me as I live a 5 minute walk away. We went and took photos, notes and videos earlier in the week of what we considered good and bad design in terms of;
-street furniture
-design of the environment
We’re going to put these together into one video/presentation as a starting point for our research.
I’m looking forward to working on a team project, I did a similar thing last year in ICT A Level where we worked in teams of three to create digital software for a client. This worked well and I’m hoping I can improve my teamwork and communication skills further by looking back at what went right and wrong then and applying it to this task.

Our second studio project is something I’m really looking forward to doing. Titled, ‘Genius Loci‘ we are to make a 10-15 second video to capture the spirit of a place of our choosing in London. As well as this we have to have two (at the minimum) other outcomes but they can be in any media i.e:
-a typeface
-a series of screen prints
-a longer film
-a series of photos
-a 3D installation
-an animation
-a series of illustrations
This is something I’m really excited about as it has given us freedom to pursue a route we are interested in, within design. As I studied Fine Art and Product Design last year, I am eager to do a series of illustrations and a 3D installation, as they are what I am more skilled in and interested by, and then as an extra one, I will perhaps do something that is new to me such as a series of screen prints. This will all be dependent on the place in London I chose and the research I gather from it.

Our last project is for the CTS side of the course, which is more academic. For this we have a 10 week lecture series on different areas of things relevant to graphic design. We need to document each lecture on our blogs and then create a catalogue of the lectures. This will be submitted alongside a 2000 word essay answering one of 30 questions which will be proposed throughout the 10 weeks of lectures (3 questions about each topic from the 10 lectures). This is something I am looking forward to as it has given us more freedom to chose what we want to write about, and will actually give us a question to answer, unlike the last project which was very broad and our essay and theme could be ANYTHING, which made it harder to keep it concise.

I’m slightly apprehensive about the work load and I can already see my social life plummeting but I’m excited to get back into it, especially after having the past 4 weeks off.

I shall keep the blog updated on these 3 projects and will create categories for them to be found under so you can read whatever project you are most interested by without getting confused with the others.

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