Zine Feedback

I’ve now had feedback for both assessed areas of my zine; the design/body of work and the essay inside the zine. These were marked by different people and there is a high contrast in the way feedback was given for the two sets of my work.

I found all the feedback and criticism of my essay really useful with points such as “Review key debates more thoroughly” and “What assumptions are being made and inferences drawn?”.
Everything mentioned in the feedback is something I can work on in future essays, however the problem I had when writing it was that I’d hit the absolute word limit so it was hard to make points more thorough without removing other important parts of the essay. In order to improve I will perhaps narrow down what I’m talking about and concentrate on one area, in depth, unlike in this essay which explored and compared several different areas of feminism, possibly making some of my points too brief.
Although it’s good to be told how you can improve, there were no positive comments about the essay which would have been useful so I know what to keep doing in my essay writing.

This wasn’t a problem in the feedback for my body of work, design and the produced zines though. It was full of positive feedback in all areas, which was great, however it didn’t give me suggestions for improvement other than to “maybe take more risks”. I admit I enjoyed reading this feedback more than the essay feedback, with comments such as “Very well researched and beautifully put together” and “Your use of materials, type and imagery, particularly your own illustration, is extremely good and augments your conceptual abilities.”, but it would have been more helpful to me to have had more constructive feedback.
At the zine fair, when looking at other people’s work, I felt less confident about my design and saw things which inspired me and highlighted how my zine could be improved, so it may be useful for me to come up with my own critique of my zine’s design which I can then improve on in future similar projects.

Another difference in the way both sets of work were marked was that for my essay I received different grades for each category being marked, telling me which parts I was better at and which parts I need to work on. I got a B for my research evidenced in the essay, and the same for my level of analysis, and then got a C for the level of subject knowledge shown and the same for my communication and presentation. This averaged out at a B, which I’m happy with considering I’ve been told how I can improve on that.
For the other set of work, I was given an A grade for it all (which I was so happy with). However I handed in a sketchbook, flat plans, and the zines, which were all very different, so it would have been good to have separate grades for each of these components and then one final grade, to allow me to work on the areas I fell behind on.

Today we were given a project brief for one of the two projects we will be doing this term. I will discuss this in later posts, but I am starting it happy with how I did in the last project, and perhaps more confident in my ability.

I’m also determined to keep this blog updated unlike in the past project!

1 thought on “Zine Feedback”

  1. Feedback on feedback is reallu useful for us as lecturers, so thanks for this James.
    We would all ideally say what was good and why, what was less successful and why, and how the work could be improved.
    Be sure to question any of us if you need to.
    All the best,


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