Line Drawings

After being introduced to tattoo artist Thomas Cardiff  and his work early last year, I became really interested in the style of drawing he uses; monochrome line drawings. Whether in artwork, illustrations or tattoos, I was really attracted to their simplistic beauty. I was later made familiar with Mike Stout‘s work which has a similar, more graphic style. For Christmas, I got a graphics tablet, which was something I’d never used before, I therefore saw this as an opportunity to practise some digital line drawings influenced by the style of both of these artists.

Thomas Cardiff – Charles Darwin
Mike Stout – Docklands Dichotomy


Above is a reinterpretation of Raphael’s ‘Small Cowper Madonna’ which is a famous Renaissance painting showing Mary and Jesus (I was in the Christmas spirit when I drew it). I remain captivated by this style of art and I’m going to continue practising drawing in this style, whilst following Cardiff’s and Stout’s work.

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