Line and Memory – Harriet Edwards

We started this lecture looking at the cave paintings of Chauvet in France and El Castillo in Spain, as well as some abstract cave paintings from South Africa. We discussed the possible meanings of the paintings across the different caves and how what some may interpret as art, others will interpret as communication. For example,… Continue reading Line and Memory – Harriet Edwards

I remember

After our lecture with Harriet Edwards on the topic of Line and Memory, we were asked by our CTS tutor, Andrew, to briefly summarise the lecture in one continuos line (to follow the theme), and then upload this to our blog. The sentence had to start with "I remember". Here you go. If you're struggling… Continue reading I remember

Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year

Last summer on demand TV I watched the first series of Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of the Year. I was absolutely addicted to it as portraiture is something I have always loved, studied, and appreciated. It has recently come back on TV with a second series which I am a couple of episodes off finishing now. I find it… Continue reading Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year