Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude

If you’re thinking of going to ice skate at Somerset House this Christmas, pop up to the Courtauld Gallery in the North Wing whilst there; and brace yourself for some incredibly explicit nude selfies.

I studied Egon Schiele a lot through A Level Art, and knew what to expect yet I was still somehow shocked at some of his vivid imagery.
Infant children and Schiele’s own sister, drawn nude, were amongst the most controversial of his work hanging in the gallery. However his original and simple portraits remain beautiful and timeless.

The gallery did well contrasting Schiele’s use of intense colours in some of his more abstract human forms, with his more plain and accurately drawn pieces beside them. The frames used most in the exhibition did not compliment his work however. Possibly from Poundland, they disappointingly surrounded and clashed with the grey painted walls and with Schiele’s amazing work. See below.

I would recommend you going, at £3 student entry, you see this, as well as Jasper Johns‘ new work (not as good as his older stuff, by the way) and also Oskar Kokoschka‘s lithographs which I hadn’t seen before but were impressive. Downstairs from here, there’s some Renaissance pieces too, and a couple of Van Gogh’s less spectacular paintings, which are still worth seeing. There until the 18th of January folks.

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