I remember

New university, same me. 
Sticking to my true nature I went to the wrong classes on Thursday by going to my afternoon session in the morning and my morning session in the afternoon. Typical.
With our tutor Harriet, we started the class doing a 5 minute self portrait… Don’t laugh.

Photo on 15-10-2014 at 15.01 #4

It then became soppy and slightly explicit as everyone started sharing personal memories which made them, them. After hearing other people’s I realise I have lived a pretty boring life, so don’t feel obliged to read the rest of this post…

I remember…
– winning the poster competition at school 4 times
– being allowed to play out for the first time, with walkie talkies to stay in contact with Mum
– the holiday to Cornwall with my grandparents, which I spent the last few days of in hospital
– when my dog, Casper, died
– when my parents split up
– all the times I went to my grandparents to ride the rocking horse my Poppa made
– getting my first job
– getting my tattoo, which has a lot of personal meaning

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