The growing relationship of Zines and Crafts

Chapter 6 - The Crafting of Contemporary Fanzines I've delved further into the world of zines today through reading a section of the controversial 'Fanzines', by Teal Triggs. Since the early 1990s, the zine culture and craft culture can be seen to be linked. Triggs includes an anecdote, sending us to the second annual London Zine… Continue reading The growing relationship of Zines and Crafts

Ben Kelly Design

I signed up to a talk/workshop from Ben Kelly today, which was really intriguing; it was based on his design past (he has done some BIIIIIG work in both graphic and interior design). He's looking for some students to come up with some posters for future seminars he's hosting, and I signed up. This is when I… Continue reading Ben Kelly Design